Ashley L. Janvrin

In Loving Memory
Ashley L. Janvrin
Age 32
I, Mr. Jeffrey A. Janvrin, father, now wants people out there to know how and why his daughter passed away too young. Ashley was addicted to prescription pills called Benzos, also heroin that was laced and cut with phentenol. Phentenol is a very, very strong pain medication that can be very deadly. My daughter died from an acute drug overdose, all alone in a parked truck with no one around to help her. Ashley left behind a two-year-old baby boy, Zane, who still asks for his Mommy. So, so sad how drugs can be so powerful over people. The drugs take full control over the user's life. So please, take this message serious. It could mean between life or death. If you decide to use drugs, the outcome could end very badly for you. I'm hoping that this message can save other people out there so please, listen -- get help if you need help.
Ashley, God Bless You and RIP. Love, Son, Zane and your Dad, Jeff
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